Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates represent the first major update of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate validation process in a decade. They require substantial changes to the methods by which the authenticity and identity of online businesses are confirmed, helping consumers determine which websites are legitimate businesses having verifiable credentials.

Before EV Certificates, different Certificate Authorities (CAs) employed different types or levels of authentication, creating vulnerabilities that have been exploited for identity theft, fraud, and other online crimes. Extended Validation Certificates standardize the validation system used by all CAs. EV Certificate validation procedures call for all CAs to require applicants to supply the same documentation and verify legitimacy using a prescribed set of sources and methods.  To obtain an EV Certificate, applicants have to provide CAs with more information about their business and the CAs have to verify the accuracy of the data through additional sources, including possible on-site visits to the applying business.

EV Certificates have been designed to take advantage of the enhanced security features of the next generation of Web browsers. Consumers who visit EV-protected websites using all modern browsers, experience both higher levels of validation security and a new visual indicator that the site’s identity has been validated and its security assured. Namely, the browser address window will turn green when an EV Certificate connection has been established.  The EV Certificates also display the locked padlock icon and an “https” prefix to signal a secure connection.

Based on an industry-wide standard, EV Certificates were developed by a group called the CA/Browser Forum, consisting of the leading providers of Internet browsers and SSL Certificates. Eligibility for EV Certificates is currently restricted only to businesses, associations, and government entities – they are currently not available to individuals. Please see below for some of the EV SSL certificates we have available.

GeoTrust SSL certificatesGeoTrust True BusinessID with Extended Validation (EV)

Make a strong security statement with the green address bar. GeoTrust® True BusinessID with EV (Extended Validation) is our premium business-class SSL security product, visually confirming the highest level of authentication available among SSL certificates.

The green bar says it all. If the GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV certificate could talk, it would say “Look at me! You are very secure.”   Web site visitors really notice when the address bar turns green in their high-security browsers and the organization field starts to rotate between your business name and GeoTrust.

Key Benefits

  • Save time and money with an inexpensive and convenient EV SSL certificate
  • Show customers you care about their security by getting   your EV SSL certificate from a credible security company
  • Protect your brand from phishing schemes by using the strongest, high security SSL certificate


  • Security: business identity authentication, strong 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root
  • Assurance: $500K USD warranty, GeoTrust dynamic True Site Seal trustmark
  • Convenience: issued in up to 10 days, 1-2 year validity options
  • Cost-effective: unlimited server licenses,   unlimited free reissues for certificate lifetime
  • Universality: support for more than 99% of browsers and most mobile device browsers
  • Bonus: secure domain.com for free when you order www.domain.com
  • Multiplicity: UC/SAN / Multi-Domain options available

Why GeoTrust? The internet’s one million most-visited domains rely on GeoTrust SSL more than any other certificate authority. * GeoTrust is the largest low-cost SSL brand solely focused on   security. With GeoTrust, you get inexpensive SSL without sacrificing convenience, choice or reliability. We’re a trusted security partner with a proven track record for reliability, quality and convenience.

Symantec SSL certificatesSymantec Trust Seal

The Symantec Trust™ Seal shows the world that Symantec has confirmed your identity and your site has passed the Symantec malware scan. The biggest companies in the world secure their Web sites with Symantec and inspire confidence by showing the Symantec seal. Now any Web site can build trust, credibility and loyalty online with the Symantec seal.

Note: If your Web site uses SSL, you must use Symantec SSL in order to display the Symantec Trust Seal.

Features and Benefits

Increase traffic, sales and loyalty online by showing customers they can buy, browse, and share with confidence because your Web site is trusted by Symantec, the global leader in online trust.

  • Display the #1 trust mark on the Internet: Symantec Trust Seal shows y our site visitors that you are trusted by the leader in online trust and gives them the confidence to buy, click, and sign in.
  • Establish your business legitimacy: Authentication is an established and proven process used by Symantec that shows the world that Symantec has verified your identity and that you are the rightful owner or operator of your Web site.
  • Protect visitors and your site from malware: Web site malware scan is a daily review of your Web site to help protect it from being blacklisted by search engines and to reduce the risk of infecting your customers’ computers when they browse your Web site. Learn more: Malware FAQ
  • Stand out in search results: Symantec Seal-in-Search™* is a Symantec seal displayed near your link in search results to help you stand out from the competition and help increase traffic to your site. At theFind.com, Symantec Seal-in-Search helped increase click rates by an average of 18.5 percent. Learn more: Seal-in-Search FAQ

Easy Install

Installing the Symantec Trust Seal is as easy as adding an image to a Web page. After you apply for the seal, Symantec verifies your business information and scans your Web site. When your seal is ready, you’ll receive an email alert. Go to the Installation Agreement to accept the terms and conditions.

  • Choose a display language and size for your seal and enter your Web site name.
  • Click “Create your script”, then copy the script and paste it directly into your Web pages.
  • Check your Web page. The javascript automatically displays a Symantec Trust™ Seal.

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