Email and Document Signing Certificates

What are Email & Document Signing Certificates used for?

Private and secure emailDigital Signature Email Encryption

Personal Authentication Certificates provide true ‘end-to-end’ message encryption between you and your contacts. Signed and encrypted mail cannot be intercepted and decrypted by man-in-the-middle attackers, packet-sniffers or https proxies.

Digitally Sign Email

Authenticate yourself as the sender and make it impossible for anyone to alter its contents without alerting your recipient.

Encrypt Email

Guarantee privacy by ensuring your message cannot be intercepted and read by anybody except the intended recipients.


Digitally sign office documentsDigital Sign

Personal Authentication certificates allow you to sign important documents to prove they have not been tampered with since they were signed.

  • Attests to identity of document signer and proves authenticity and integrity
  • Can be used in tandem with or to replace the visible signature feature in Microsoft® Office products
  • Ensure compliance with industry directives and policy frameworks which require digitally signed documents
  • Migrate from ink and paper workflows on items like contracts, document sign-off, archiving and internal request forms


Authenticate who logs into your website

Personal authentication certificates allow businesses to set up bank-standard two-factor authentication of users that login to their websites.

Once installed on a computer or mobile device, the certificate will be seamlessly requested and verified by your web-server before a user is allowed access to their account.

Authentication is transparent to end-users so they won’t experience any disruption to their standard process of entering their username and password.

Certum Basic ID Certificatepdlogo-certum

Secure Delivery of Code and Content

A Basic ID Certificate from CERTUM is a quick option used to sign and encrypt electronic communication on the web; such as, emails and files. It uses a basic public key certificate to make sure all information transmitted and received is authentic, meaning nobody, intercepted, read or forged these documents within the transmission.

Certificates features:

  • Ensure safe & protected electronic communication
  • Shows that you care about the security of people you do business with
  • Easily encrypt your email (for example in Outlook)
  • Simple & fast validation process
  • Automatic issuance after authentication
  • Displays your email address on the certificate
  • Works on/with any device (i.e. phones, tablets)

Certum Professional ID Certificatepdlogo-certum

Secure Delivery of Code and Content

Professional ID Certificate is a more premium version of the Basic ID product because it actually does a full authentication of the user’s identity, the email address and the company’s details; also all of which will be included in the certificate.

Certificates features:

  • High level of security & reliability
  • Safe electronic communication for important business docs
  • Complete authentication of the certificate holder
  • Email address, first name & last name, company details displayed in cert
  • Electronically sign PDF files as an e-voice
  • Works on/with any device (i.e. phones, tablets)

Certum Enterprise ID Certificatepdlogo-certum

Secure Delivery of Code and Content

Enterprise ID is the highest level of security that is available from CERTUM for any type of PCC ID certificates. It’s also has the highest financial liability that CERTUM backs and is ideally used for signing the most important and sensitive documents a company, corporation or enterprise could have. All kinds of senior level executives and upper management use this as it also is an electronic seal.

Certificates features:

  • Highest level of security CERTUM offers
  • Can double as an electronic seal
  • Ensures safe electronic communication
  • Full authentication of the user
  • Certificate displays email address, first & last name and company details
  • Can be electronic signature in PDF docs and e-invoices
  • WebTrust™ compliant
  • Globally trusted in browsers and Microsoft products
  • 2048 / 4096-bit root
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Fast Verification

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