Great priced domain registrations and transfers

Domain registration tips

Register multiple extensions to make your website easy to find, and fully secure your online brand presence across the region, and around the world.

Register typos of your domain – if you can make a typo of your own domain so can your customers. Consider the impact of your customers mistyping or mishearing it. A competitor may potentially register the misspelling to steal this traffic away.

You can Use the domain aliasing feature provided by all of our hosting plans to point multiple domains at the same website (and use search engine friendly “301” redirects to divert that extra traffic to the preferred domain).

Mission critical

Your domain name is critical to your business. You need equally prompt and effective problem resolution for domain registrar issues as your hosting service – either of these cogs can completely derail your on-line services including websites, email and other cloud based applications! Trust us to handle every aspect of your mission critical hosting projects including domain registration. Some of the largest Domain registration companies in the world have been known to take 7-10 days to respond to a single support request.

Competitive pricing

Our prices are among the best in the industry, ensuring that you get a great deal as well as availing of our great Managed Support services. Don’t risk troublesome service elsewhere for this vital part of your online and offline business.

Single point of contact

Avoid the hassle of working with multiple vendors; let us take care of your domain needs to simplify your billing, technical support, and operational processes. When we handle your domain registration needs, we can provide you with a fully integrated service and resolve any issues that arise with efficiency.

Domain ExtensionPrice Per year
.COM €10.99
.NET €10.99
.ORG €10.99
.IE €39.99
.INFO €12.99
.BIZ €12.99
.IO €74.99
.CO.UK €9.99
.ORG.UK €9.99
.TV €44.95
.DE €19.95
.NAME €10.99
.EU €14.99
.US €10.99
.MOBI €15.00
.NINJA €25.00

Need some help with Domain Registrations or Domain Transfers?

Please feel free to contact us now with any questions regarding our Domain Registration and Support Services. We also have a wide range of additional domain extension available for registration on request if you cannot locate a suitable name using the standard extensions listed above.

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