What is WordPress

WordPress LogoWordPress is the largest open-source content management system (CMS), used by millions of people worldwide. WordPress is used for anything from personal blogging to complex websites, all at minimal cost.

 Are you Experiencing Performance issues with WordPress

  • Is your installation of WordPress slow?
  • Do your WordPress requirements go beyond the basic installation?

Our professional WordPress hosting solutions support all types of requirements from standard, through to enterprise WordPress installations.

Many organisations set up WordPress websites only to discover that when placed under heavy traffic load, they slow down and become frustrating to use. This can cause many web users to abandon the site at business critical times. We are committed to help fix any WordPress performance related problems quickly, using a series of components and highly experienced WordPress software engineers.

How can we help you with your WordPress Hosting Requirements?

By hosting WordPress on our cloud platform, users can benefit from the advanced security features including IPS and DDoS defense, along with the speed and reliability that the platform offers.

To address problems with slow WordPress sites, our expert engineers will carry out advanced performance tuning to optimise and configure the WordPress installation, ensuring that it is as fast as possible, even under heavy load.

  • Plugin advice for users experiencing issues with badly performing plugins
  • mySQL optimisation and analysis
  • mySQL Caching & Tuning
  • Load balancing WordPress across multiple servers
  • Spreading WordPress databases across multiple database servers
  • PHP Caching
  • Apache Tuning for WordPress
  • WordPress on Windows – IIS tuning
  • CDN configuration to serve static files

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Everyone’s requirements are different so please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss the best option for your website.

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