Cloud Without Complexity™ – Cloud VPS Hosting from Pairone Networks. So what exactly is a “Cloud VPS”? There really isn’t anything magical about the “Cloud”… it’s just a better way to deploy Virtual Private Servers (VPS), running on a cluster of Cloud Servers, with dynamically scalable resources, such as: CPU, Memory and diskspace. This provides a more reliable and flexible “Cloud” VPS. We use a high performane Cloud Hosting System, based upon Parallels® Cloud Server, to provide Linux based Cloud VPS. You can see a subset of our cloud VPS features below.

Choose your favourite OS

You can choose your favourite Operating System (OS) during the signup process and your Cloud vServer will be created with the chosen Operating System. We offer the latest 64-bit versions of Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian. We also provide a custom service if required and can install any modern Operating system by request.

Managed Support

All of our Cloud vServers include managed support. We can assist you with your applications and optimize the performance of your VPS to meet your requirements. An extended support service is available if you require full management and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Storage

We use a hybrid Cloud storage system that distributes your data across multiple servers in our Cloud clusters. This ensures optimum performance and redundancy. It also increases scalability and allows dynamic failover in-case of a server failure. Our cloud storage technology is a core building block in our cloud infrastructure.


We provide a range of managed security services including Web Application firewalls, SSL and TLS security, Intrusion prevention, PCI Compliance and Incident response services. All our Infrastructure his hosted in Ireland and is subject to all E.U data-protection regulations.

Advanced Web-Control Panel

We offer an advanced control panel to assist with the configuration of your server based on Parallels Plesk technology. The Plesk control panel allows you to manage and maintain all aspects of your vServer including the setup of Web applications, Email, Websites, Java etc. using a simple web-based control panel.

Backups Available

We can offer hourly, daily or weekly backups to a network storage location hosted in our Data Centre. We can also backup your cloud servers to an off-site location to meet any compliance and Disaster Recovery requirements.

Cloud vServer 1

€20 per month
  • 1GB of Intelligent VRAM
  • 1vCPU with Intel Turbo Boost
  • 50GB Cloud SAN Storage
  • 200GB Data Transfer
  • Irish Datacenter
  • Control Panel & FTP
  • Essential Management

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Cloud vServer 2

€35 per month
  • 2GB of Intelligent VRAM
  • 2vCPU with Intel Turbo Boost
  • 80GB Cloud SAN Storage
  • Irish Datacenter
  • EU Dataprotection
  • Control Panel & FTP
  • Basic Management

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Cloud vServer 3

€50 per month
  • 4GB of Intelligent VRAM
  • 4vCPU with Intel Turbo Boost
  • 100GB Cloud SAN Storage
  • Irish Datacenter
  • EU Dataprotection
  • Control Panel & FTP
  • Basic Management

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Cloud vServer 4

€75 per month
  • 8GB of Intelligent VRAM
  • 4vCPU with Intel Turbo Boost
  • 150GB Cloud SAN Storage
  • Irish Datacenter
  • EU Dataprotection
  • Control Panel & FTP
  • Advanced Management

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Enterprise Class Hardware

Our infrastructure is hosted on Enterprise grade Dell Datacenter Servers. We use high performance Juniper hardware to run our network. Clustered firewalls protect our infrastructure from the latest security threats.

Managed Security

Our infrastructure is protected by a range of security systems including web-application firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Services, Cloud based Antispam & Antivirus. . Site-to-Site VPN’s are available to connect your on-premise infrastructure to your cloud servers to create a hybrid cloud environment.

Dynamic Scalability

All our cloud services are dynamically scalable and every resource can be increased on demand to meet performance requirements during peak usage. This allows you to scale your servers and applications as needed.

Instant Setup

Our automated provisioning system will have your Virtual Private Server on-line about 10 mins after you have completed your order. You will also be able to use the web control panel to order additional servers on demand whenever you require.

Customised Solutions

We have experience with many different platforms & applications. If you need a solution that has been customized to your exact requirements please let us know and we will be happy to help.

24/7 Monitoring

Our Cloud infrastructure is continuously monitored from our Network Operations Center (NOC) to meet our uptime requirements and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). We can also offer additional monitoring of applications within your vServers if required..

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