We provide a range of Cloud Hosting Solutions

A wide variety of Cloud services

Business Web Hosting

We offer a range shared hosting on our enterprise-class cloud platform. Shared hosting is great for smaller websites that don’t require a complete virtual private server solution. All plans include an advanced Web control panel so you can manage your account. Our business cloud web hosting plans support all the latest web technologies including PHP7 and MySQL. A one-click installer is included to install many of the latest web applications.

Cloud Email Hosting and Filtering

We have a selection of Email hosting packages available ranging from basic POP3 / IMAP solutions to full Microsoft Exchange / Office365 solutions. We also offer an advanced hosted Spam filtering gateway to protect on-premise email servers.

Virtual Private Servers

With solid state drives (SSDs), our Virtual Private Servers give developers, designers and businesses more power, speed and stability to successfully run their websites and applications. Plus, we make managing a virtual server easy because we do it for you. You can use our Advanced Web Control panel to administer your server and because the service is Managed we will maintain your VPS and provide any assistance you require.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System (CMS) that is used by many popular websites. We have wide range of experience with WordPress hosting and offer a variety of services to assist with your WordPress requirements including Site Speed Optimization and Migration services.

Custom Cloud Solutions

We can create custom cloud solutions to meet a variety of requirements. We can provide dedicated VPN connections into our cloud infrastructure to create Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud solutions. Some services available include Clustering Solutions, Managed Off-Site Backup & Disaster Recovery. We also have a partnership program available that allows our partners to offer white-labelled solutions.

Domain Registration & SSL Certificates

We offer a range of Domain Registration services for all the major domains Top Level Domains (.ie, .com .net). We also provide redundant high performance DNS hosting for any domain. A range of SSL certificates are available to secure your website, web applications and internal IT systems.

Managed Cloud Server plans (VPS)

We offer a simple selection of cloud Virtual Private Server plans which can be customised further during the order process. You can increase RAM, Diskspace, Storage & CPU during the order process if required. We support a range of OS including Ubuntu, CentOS & Debian.

Cloud vServer 1

€25 per month
  • 1GB of Intelligent VRAM
  • 1vCPU with Intel Turbo Boost
  • 50GB Cloud SAN Storage
  • 200GB Data Transfer
  • Irish Datacenter
  • Control Panel & FTP
  • Essential Management

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Cloud vServer 2

€35 per month
  • 2GB of Intelligent VRAM
  • 2vCPU with Intel Turbo Boost
  • 80GB Cloud SAN Storage
  • 350GB Data Transfer
  • Irish Datacenter
  • Control Panel & FTP
  • Essential Management

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Cloud vServer 3

€50 per month
  • 4GB of Intelligent VRAM
  • 4vCPU with Intel Turbo Boost
  • 100GB Cloud SAN Storage
  • 500GB Data Transfer
  • Irish Datacenter
  • Control Panel & FTP
  • Essential Management

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Cloud vServer 4

€75 per month
  • 8GB of Intelligent VRAM
  • 4vCPU with Intel Turbo Boost
  • 150GB Cloud SAN Storage
  • 650GB Data Transfer
  • Irish Datacenter
  • Control Panel & FTP
  • Advanced Management

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Fully Managed Cloud Servers

High performance, enterprise Ready cloud services. All our systems are hosted in our Irish Datacenter and are subject to European Data Privacy regulations.

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Starting from as little as €9.95 per year!

Features at a Glance

Our infrastructure is hosted in Ireland and is subject to all EU data protection requirements.

Odin® Cloud Server & ultra-fast SSD Cloud Storage – Reliable, Dynamic Scalability, Failover & Load-Balanced.

SSL/TLS Encrypted Email, plus several layers of Web Application Security built-in to protect your Website , Data & Cloud Applications.

Our infrastructure is monitored from our Network Operations Center (NOC) to ensure that your cloud services have the best uptime and reliability.

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